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The President of the Cuban National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), Roberto Verrier, said on Friday that Latin American and Caribbean integration is one of the most urgent and transcendental priorities for the region.
During the closing session of the 12th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems, Verrier, in a figurative sense, added that the planet’s political axis should turn to the opposite direction that it has been following under the ineffective rotation of capital.

Addressing the more than 1,880 delegates and guests from 44 countries present at Havana’s Convention Center, the also President of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Economists called for a big “earthquake” of solidarity to face the current world’s challenges.

He described as fruitful the five days of discussions of the event,whose final session was attended by Marino Murillo, VP of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Economy and Planning.

“We all gave a piece of our inspiration and intelligence when we intervened in the dozens of commissions, panels, lectures and discussions not only at the Convention Center because dozens of specialists from 16 countries visited working and research centers in 42 municipalities of our nation,” Verrier noted.

The specialist thanked Cuban President Raul Castro for his personal support and contribution, and also that of many institutions, to the development of the meeting.

He also recalled that Commander in Chief Fidel Castro was “a promoter and delegate to many of our events.”

After disagreeing with optimistic forecasts regarding the world economy, Verrier recalled that the aggressive policies of the White House remain intact.

Also during the final session of the event, Argentinean Hugo Varsky, representing the South American bloc MERCOSUR, recommended the creation of a Consultative Council to support Latin American and Caribbean integration and suggested that ANEC should coordinate these efforts.

Source: ACN

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