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Relatives of Terry Fox to Visit Cuba

Relatives of Canadian Terry Fox will visit Cuba for the first time to participate at the XII Marathon that bears his name to be held next March 20 all over the country. Read More

Piece aims to bridge the gap between U.S., Cuba culture

A groundbreaking U.S.-Cuban theater collaboration that launched in Cuba crosses the Florida straits to Miami this week. Read More

Chomsky: Cuba’s Internationalism is dramatic

Renowned American historian and writer Noam Chomsky highlighted today the Cuban medical aid to Haiti and the "dramatic internationalism" of the island for years, in an interview published by the digital website Rebelión. Read More

Tribute to Wives of Cuban Five in Egypt

Female relatives of The Five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters held in US prisons received a special tribute in Egypt and Lebanon on Monday, as Cubans and activists in solidarity with the Island marked International Women''s Day. Read More

Disparity at HR Office in Geneva, Cuba States

The issue of the geographic representation at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been the main point in Geneva, following a Cuba's speech in that entity. Read More

Festival of the Drum: Source of the Cuban Percussion

The party of the Cuban percussion is right around the corner with the 9th Festival of the Drum Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam with venue in Havana and that includes concerts, competition, and theoretical events.    Read More

Victor Hugo Letters to Cubans Exhibit in Havana

French writer Victor Hugo's two letters to Cuban people's facsimiles, written during the Independence Struggle at the end of 19th century, are being exhibited in Víctor Hugo House-Museum in Havana's historic center Read More

Spanish Singer Describes US blockade of Cuba as Torture

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé described this Monday the US economic, financial, and commercial blockade against Cuba as “torture”, during the presentation of “Cardio”, his latest album. Read More

Resolution against US Blockade of Cuba Circulates in the United Nations

A declaration rejecting the almost 50-year-old US economic blockade of Cuba, which was recently approved in the Summit for Unity of Latin America and the Caribbean held in Mexico, began to circulate in the United Nations today as an official document.<br /> Read More

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