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Production of Salt Restarts in Las Tunas for Industries of Cuba

The saltern company located in this northeastern municipality of Las Tunas province, restarted the production of thick salt to the Cuban industry and the agricultural sector, after the passage of hurricane Ike, which destroyed completely its machineries and facilities nine months ago. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba, Will Celebrate 42nd Cucalambeana Folkloric Party

The Cucalambeana Folkloric Party, dedicated this year to the buccolic poetess Tomasita. Las Tunas Will Celebrate 42nd Cucalambeana Folkloric Party. Read More

Wooded area in Las Tunas province of Cuba has increased by 14 percent

The wooded area in Las Tunas province has increased by 14 percent, as a result of strategy boosted so that this territory stops to be the most deforested of Cuba. Read More

Guerrilla de Teatreros from Granma, Cuba has been awarded

In 2008, for the fifth consecutive time, the Guerrilla de Teatreros, received the flag that awards them as a National Avant-garde of the Trade Union of the Culture workers in the south eastern Cuban province of Granma. Read More

Botanical Garden of Las Tunas, Cuba, Opened a Modern Classroom with Environmental Education

The Botanical Garden of this city opened a modern classroom with the purpose of creating an environmental education in the population, which can identify on-line more than one thousand species and varieties of 10 families of plants. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba Protects Its Soil

The farmers of Las Tunas benefit some 32, 000 hectares every year by means of diverse actions guided to conserve and to improve the soil, which 80 percent in this eastern province has a certain deterioration, asserted Silverio Mantecon Licea, official the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in the territory. Read More

First Masters of Science in Communication Graduates in Las Tunas, Cuba

The eastern province of Las Tunas will count on its first Masters of Science in Communication, after the defense today of the first dissertations for this university degree. Read More

Cuba Speeds up Investments to Improve Consumption of Vegetables

Cuba adopts measures to conclude in July the assembly of greenhouses in 385 hectares of orchards to continue increasing and diversifying the consumption of vegetables in its 169 municipalities, even in the hottest months of the year.<br /> Read More

In Cuba: Las Tunas Steel Industry Searches to Increase Electricity Saving

The increment of the efficiency in the production of steel bars is the main challenge for the workers of the Company of Stainless Steels (ACINOX), located in this city, in views to increase the energy saving in Cuba. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba, Students of Middle Education Debate Their Management

The participants discuss old and new strategies for the daily study, as well as how to stimulate the students to learn how to produce and to acquire responsibility for the defense of the nation. Read More

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