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The Pepito Tey University of Education in Las Tunas province held a national workshop on producing computer resources for teacher training.  

Specialists from around the country discussed ongoing research projects, the creation of educational software and the Telematica network that belongs to the Ministry of Education.

The national director for Educational Informatics at the Ministry of Education, Iván Barreto Gelles, told Digital 26 that 16 computer resource centres will be settled at universities nationwide.  

Among the new Educational Software being produced is a series on Cuban history, sex education, climate change and healthcare.   

Educational software has been produced in Cuba for the last ten years, bringing about several changes in Education. Lately, educational software for high school courses has begun to move online.  

Teachers at the workshop noted that educational software is a great source of information and support for teachers, but by no means it can replace them.


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