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Inhabitants from  Las Tunas  with refractive disorders (myopia) had to go to Havana to receive medical treatment. Now, patients with this type of ailment receive the treatment in the modern ophthalmology center launched in October 2008, at the provincial hospital Dr. Ernesto Guevara.

Dr. Vivian Céspedes Galiano and Nurse María Santiesteban Gómez explained complicated surgery with an excimer laser.

The laser contains a mixture of Fluor and Argon which are excited withelectricity to produce a dimer, a type of pseudo molecule. The term“excimer laser” is derived from “excited dimer.”

The excimer laser is a type of cool laser, meaning that it does not generate heat, and it can be highly precise, which is critical for operations in which fine detail is required. Since November 2009 the center provides this service in the province.

What characteristics should meet the patient for this procedure?

" Patients over 21 years with refractive disorders (myopia), a hyperopia and astigmatism may come here.

What is the sight like after the operation?

The patient, in the first 24 hours, sees very blurry, but the next day can see what they could not see previously at the distance. The patient once operated should not squeeze the eyes or blink hard, or lower the head quickly.

By Juan Manuel Olivares Chávez


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