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Social security supporting thousands in Las Tunas, Cuba

Based on the premise that nobody is left unprotected in Cuba, some 23,790 families received more than 35,500,000 Cuban pesos in social security benefits in the eastern province of Las Tunas in 2006. This represents the largest sum of social benefits ever spent in Las Tunas. Read More

Cattle farming makes a comeback in Cubas driest province

Ranchers in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, the countrys driest province, have taken advantage of recent rainfall to get back on track in fulfilling this year's production targets. Read More

Urban agriculture gaining momentum in Las Tunas, Cuba

As part of the urban agriculture program, Cuba currently has more than 3,800 organic plots, some 961 intensive gardens, 100,000 small family plots, and 139, 960 larger fields dedicated to the production of vegetables. Read More

Magic on stage in Las Tunas, Cuba

The world of illusion grows each year in Las Tunas, Cuba with the now traditional International Magic Festival that stimulates imagination and fills the different venues. Read More

Solar Park in honor of Cuba's National Hero

Across Cuba, there are numerous monuments that honor the island's independence hero, the most famous being the tall marble statue that rises above the Jose Marti Plaza of the Revolution, in Havana. Nevertheless, in eastern Las Tunas city a small park, known there as the Marti Plaza, stands out for its ingenious conception based on the incidence of the sun's rays on that spot. Read More

Cuba's Las Tunas exporting charcoal

With sales to European countries in excess of 150,000 tons of charcoal this year, the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas has contributed to a national effort aimed at raising the export of this product. Read More

Intensive tree-planting effort underway in Las Tunas

With the reforestation of areas surrounding water reservoirs, lakes, and rivers, an important step has been taken in Cubas eastern province of Las Tunas for environmental preservation. Read More

Milk production increases in Cubas driest province

The recent rains that have fallen in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas have had a positive impact on milk production. Read More

Salt production making headway in Las Tunas, Cuba

Although 2006 has not yet concluded, the 330 workers of Puerto Padre Saltworks, located on the coast of the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas, have proved that efficiency and cost effectiveness are attainable goals for a socialist company. Read More

Fruit cultivation being revitalized in Las Tunas, Cuba

As part of a nationwide initiative to increase the consumption of fruit, an agricultural contingent based in Las Tunas province has the distinction of having planted some 120 species of fruit Read More

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