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Las Tunas enjoyed its Carnival

Last Thursday the city opened 25 carnival areas with the performance of more then 50 orchestras from the country and from the province that together with the traditional parade of congas, comparsas and coaches, delighted the inhabitants. Read More

Workshop on children literature in Las Tunas

They will carry out readings of books in several schools of this town, at 637 kilometers to the east of Havana. The workshop, convoked in Las Tunas to the whole country by the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists, and the provincial Center of the Book and the Literature, concludes with the price-giving ceremony. Read More

A tongueless rooster

Most birds have tongues, though unlike ours. A bird's tongue has five bones in it that support and strengthen it, together they are called the 'Hyoid apparatus'. Read More

Atlantic Boqueron is a place where nature and man work in harmony

The community celebrates the Party of the Sea every year, an event that helps to develop the abilities and the art in the manufacture of nets for the fishing. Read More

Specialists create system to forecast drought in Las Tunas

this computer program allows picking up data to help the farmers to sow, to cultivate and to harvest in the appropriate moment, without danger of losing the effort and the invested resources. Read More

Most recent Cuban Zoo in Las Tunas

The area that opens the National Zoo No. 21 shows a breathtaking natural beauty. The tourist installation built up in place - 670 km east of Havana has hosted more than 125 thousand visitors in 15 years. Read More

Local theater causes sensation in Las Tunas

'Ceniciento' is a rolling history in which the public can find the characters that appear in the children short story, in a current scene with modern clothes, extravagant appearances with all the artistic intention to call the attention on what we are and on how we live. Read More

Norge Batista sings in Spain

Notable Cuba singer song-writer, Norge Batista Albuerne continues his touring of Spain scenarios with concerts largely applauded in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. According to the report received the Cuban singer performed last Saturday in the Rincón del arte Nuevo located on calle Segovia No. 17 in Madrid. Read More

New water and electricity services in the north of Las Tunas, Cuba

As part of the energy revolution that Cuba has been undertaking over the past few years, the residents in the northern town of Puerto de Manati in Las Tunas province have recently benefited with the repair and installation of new electric networks. Read More

Rural Music Fest underway, Jornada Cucalambeana in Las Tunas, Cuba

Representatives from 13 countries take part in the 40th running of the National Cucalambe Festival, starting Monday evening in eastern Las Tunas province through July 1. Puerto Rico brings the largest delegation, including singer Danny Rivera, the Mapeyé National Orchestra, and a member of the Hermanos Sanabria group. Read More

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