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Tobacco plantations damaged by heavy rains in Eastern Cuba

More than 8,600 tobacco seed beds were swept by the constant rains that fell on the eastern province of Las Tunas, which usually registers the least rainfall. Read More

Livestock breeders take advantage of rains in Las Tunas

From January to September this territory, located to some 670 kilometers from Havana, obtained 16 million liters of milk, one million six-hundred thousand more than in same stage last year. Read More

Cuban governmental commission checks rain-affected regions

The mission, led by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura and Esteban Lazo Hernandez, members of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, toured six provincial territories Read More

Pre-Election test postpone in eastern Cuba

National Electoral Commission President María Esther Reus explained that the pre-election test is expected to review coordination among elements in the process, ensuring the usual transparency and democratic spirit of elections in Cuban society. Read More

Rain continues in Cubas eastern provinces

Reports that more than 200 millimeters have fallen in different locations Defense Councils are activated with the prospect of swollen rivers and flooding. Read More

Evacuated thousands of people in the Cuban eastern provinces due to rains

Local authorities have provided shelters for nearly 4,962 residents in Santiago de Cuba, 4,000 in Guantanamo, and 1,237 in Las Tunas. Read More

Cuba boosts special educational programs

There are some 20 schools for special education in the 8 municipalities of Las Tunas, and one computer for each 22 students, an unprecedented proportion Read More

Las Tunas: donors guarantee plasm for surgical operations

This achievement makes unnecessary the family donations and allows having a surer and more stable source of blood in the hospitals. Read More

Las Tunas: Sugar harvest preparations is OK

The preparations for the next sugar harvest in Cuba are progressing at a good pace, it needs technological support able to respond to the demands of a long and intense harvest Read More

Ozone for life in eastern Las Tunas province

The application in the eastern province of 135,000 therapeutic sessions to more than 6,700 patients, since 1993, indicates how specialists from all over the country use the curative properties of ozone gas on diverse diseases and anomalies detrimental to human health. Read More

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