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Las Tunas Welcomes Latin American Cinema Festival

Thirteen films will be projected in several cinemas and schools of Las Tunas, province that welcomes the 29th New Latin American Cinema International Festival that begins in Cuba since this Tuesday. Read More

Special Education Counts on More than 2, 000 Handicapped People in Las Tunas

The Special Teaching in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas guarantees an integral education to more than 2, 000 children and youths, as part of the actions that Cuba develops for their general reincorporation to the society and to celebrate this Monday the Handicapped People's Day. Read More

More than 250 New Social Works Built in Las Tunas

Las Tunas.- Two hundred and seventy-six new social works, that benefit to the population of the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, were built this year, as part of the strengthening of a program of social development that the revolutionary government supports, with some eight million Cuban convertible pesos. Read More

Las Tunas Magics Festival restated as unique of its type in Cuba

José Alvarez, the magician Ayra, restated in this city, 67 kms East of Havana City, the importance of the "Ànfora" ("Amphor") International Magics Festival, summoned from this province, as the only contest event for Cuban ilusionists. Read More

Las Tunas Increases Production of Milk

The Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas has produced some 18 million liters of milk in the current 2007, it surpassed in more than one million 634 thousand what it gathered in same stage last year. Read More

Association of Cuban Writers Gives to Know in Las Tunas the Winner in Narrative

Some of the most famous books of this author are La saga del perseguido (Alejo Carpentier Prize), Las manzanas del paraíso (Prize Casa de Teatro, in Dominican Republic), Los Cuervos (Dulce María Loynaz Prize), Matarile, and Confabulación de la araña. Read More

Las Tunas Festival of Magic Is Reaffirmed as an Exclusivity in Cuba

The magician Ayra, José Álvarez, reasserted in Las Tunas city, to 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, the importance of the International Festival of Magic Amphora, convoked by this province, as the only competitive square for the illusionists of the whole country. Read More

Las Tunas Energy Workers Boost Commitment for 49 Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

The workers of the Electric Company and constructors from the eastern provinces of Las Tunas and Holguín intend to conclude at the end of December a battery with capacity to generate 6.6 megawatts daily, in greeting to the 49 years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution next January 1st. Read More

Production of Cancer Fighting Scorpion Venom in Cuba

The anti-cancer properties of the medicine obtained from the venom have been successfully tested in Cuba after several years of research. Approximately 110 millimeters of scorpion toxin, highly effective in the treatment of cancer, have been obtained every month since August in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More

Massive evacuation in eastern Cuba due to severe flooding

The evacuation, the largest ever in the region, included moving people from 50 neighborhoods, some currently found under water and others in danger of flooding. A total of 24,000 people were protected including those evacuated during the past weekend due to Tropical Storm Noel. Read More

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