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Las Tunas, the capital of sculptures

Since the very birth of the province of Las Tunas in 1976, with the new political and administrative division, there was an emerging movement of professional and amateur sculptures here. Read More

Computer Club member receives Pin Creators of the Future

The website of the Community Computer Club in the Las Tunas eastern province highlighted that Reynaldo Gonzalez Roman, worker of this project of the Revolution, was honoured with the Pin Creators of the Future, highest distinction granted by the Juvenile Technical Brigades (BTJ). Read More

National Competition on Rural Poetry and Song at Las Tunas province

With the purpose of boosting the national culture and stimulating the creation of the traditional gloss, the House and the Iberian-American Centre for Ten-line Stanza and the Improvised Verse, and the Provincial Centre of Book and Literature, announced the National Competition on Rural Poetry and Song. Read More

Urban gardening in Outlaying Areas at Las Tunas province

One of the advantages pursued by the new sub-urban agriculture program is to bring production close to urban settlements and save important fuels and transportation means. Read More

Cuban Health Services Need to be Improved Even More

Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, said in Holguin that it is necessary to maintain and improve health services as a top priority mission. Read More

Program preventing the spread of A H1N1 ends in Tuna province

The 99.9 percent of the population at risk were vaccinated in Las Tunas province against Seasonal Flu as part of the program aimed at preventing the spread of A H1N1. Read More

Magic Company from Matanzas awarded the Anfora prize 2009

The company Impacto Magico, from Matanzas western province, attracted the audience's attention in Las Tunas with its show Happiness. Read More

Company ACINOX Applies Variants to Reduce Energy Consumption in Las Tunas, Cuba

Company ACINOX Applies Variants to Reduce Energy Consumption in Las Tunas .<br /> ACINOX reduces its energy consumption in spite of being one of the biggest industries. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Increases Reproduction of Buffalos

Some 1, 400 buffalos constitute the herd of Las Tunas province, which works to increase the amount<br />     Read More

Las Tunas Zoo under Repair. It is the youngest institution of that type in Cuba

It is the youngest institution of that type in Cuba. Its workers are achieving to multiply animals that have never been reproduced in other parts of the country. Read More

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