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The Play Ceniciento, Free Version Based on the Classic Short Story for Children in Las Tunas, Cuba.

This play made its debute two years ago, as a version by Ernesto Parra, director of the group and is located among the most popular of Teatro Tuyo, because it is an updated proposal from the medieval period, but takes place in a rare Cuban 21st century, with its moral and economic crises that locate the spectator in his own space. Read More

Together With Havana City Las Tunas Will Be Part of the International Ballet Festival.

The prime absolute ballerina from Cuba, Alicia Alonso, granted to this eastern province of Las Tunas the opportunity to organize, together with Havana City, the International Ballet Festival, to be held in the Cuban capital at the end of 2008. Read More

Writers and Artists from Las Tunas (Cuba) Debate Medullary Topics of Their Management

In the provincial assembly of the organization, previous to the seventh congress foreseen in April in Havana City, held in Las Tunas, the assistants spoke about the necessity the artists and writers have to interact in the most remote rural communities, where there are very few recreational activities for the neighbors. Read More

Las Tunas Will Create More Brigades for Construction of Housings in 2008

That decision, already in the bureau of the National Institute for the Housing, obeys the lack of constructive capacity by the main executioners in the territory, about 670 kilometers to the east of Havana. Read More

Alejandro Lora gambled all on art and low budget cinema

He arrived in Cuba on a warm July afternoon, in 2006. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt and cheap shoes. His luggage consisted of a few clothes and the bulkiest: a video camera, a tripod and a computer with all the hardware necessary to make videos. Read More

The Biggest Sugar Producer of Cuba Is About to Begin Harvest

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the Antonio Guiteras should process 70 percent of the cane of the whole territory, at a rhythm of 11, 000 tons of sugar cane during 24 hours. Read More

Agricultural and Forest Technicians Receive International Help for Different Projects in Las Tunas

More than 500, 000 Cuban convertible pesos invested the Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF) in development projects for the ecological and sustainable urban agriculture. Read More

Las Tunas Works to Achieve Agricultural Growths in 2008

Producing some 115, 000 tons of foods, in the current 2008, is one of the main objectives of the System of the Agriculture in this eastern province of Las Tunas to elevate the suppy to the population. Read More

Las Tunas Concludes 630 Works for Population's Benefit

Six hundred and thirty works for the population's benefit were finished in this eastern province of Las Tunas in the year about to conclude, by means of a special project approved by the Direction of the country. Read More

Inhabitants of Las Tunas Benefit with Direct Sale of Milk

More than 23, 000 children, old men, sick persons and pregnant women from this eastern province of Las Tunas, benefit with the program of direct sale of milk by the near producers. Read More

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