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International Aid Benefits Cuban Food Production

Farmers in the eastern province of Las Tunas will be benefit this year from four international aid projects worth about a million dollars aimed at food production. Read More

Egg production increased in Las Tunas province

Despite the severe damage caused by Hurricane Ike in September 2008, egg production has risen in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More

Cuban farmers foster the growth of chickpeas

Farmers in the northern municipality of Jesús Menéndez has planted 536 hectares of chickpeas.<br /> Read More

Statue of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba's wax museum

A life-size statue of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who dubbed himself as &quot;a Cuban half-breed&quot; is displayed to the public on the Wax Museum in this eastern city. Read More

Las Tunas's Sanlope Publishing House Offers Valuable Cultural Contribution

The publication of about 19, 200 books during 2009, by the Sanlope Publishing House, constitutes a valuable contribution of Las Tunas province to the culture in Cuba. Read More

Cuban succeeded at the International Competition of Knowledge

When discussing the results achieved by Cuba in the International Competition of Knowledge, many times there appears someone from this eastern province in the national delegations. <br /> Read More

Production of Sugarcane derivates in Las Tunas province

Las Tunas is increasing its activity in the production of sugarcane derivates such as alcohols, rums, and boards, while conducting an investment process designed to repair, extend and create building capacity. Read More

Las Tunas beats Guantánamo at the Baseball Series

Las Tunas team won twice over Guantánamo on Wednesday and held on to its chances to achieve a better spot in the eastern division during this season. Read More

Cuban film El Premio Flaco shown at Las Tunas province

The Cuban film El premio flaco (The Worst Prize), by Juan Carlos Cremata and Iraida Malberti, is  the biggest film attraction for the inhabitants of Las Tunas eastern province who can enjoy this movie  during this week.<br /> Read More

Stanzas at Las Tunas province with The Cuculambe

As a matter of fact, Juan Cristobal Nápoles Fajardo—El Cucalambé—is one of the most emblematic exponents of culture in Las Tunas and the main cultivator of the espinela (after its name in Spanish, it consists of a ten-verse poetical composition) in Cuba in the 19th century. Read More

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