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Camagüey's popular rice farmers increase harvest areas

Rice farmers that are linked to the popular movement that it is developed in our country since the middle of the last decade, this year have already planted near 8 500 hectares in Camagüey, an area larger than that one taken into consideration. Read More

Sahara Dust May Be Choking Cuba

Dr. Eugenio Mojena, from the Satellite Section at the Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology, told the daily that large clouds of dust particles arrive on this island from the African continent every year. Read More

Cuba to Make Spirulina with UN

The Spirulina is used as a nutritional and dietetic complement to cover needs of the country's social and sports sector, and it can solve nutrition problems and food security of the current and future society, the source stated. Read More

Las Tunas Energy Workers Boost Commitment for 49 Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

The workers of the Electric Company and constructors from the eastern provinces of Las Tunas and Holguín intend to conclude at the end of December a battery with capacity to generate 6.6 megawatts daily, in greeting to the 49 years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution next January 1st. Read More

Camagüey increases short-term crops

After the rainfalls that affected Camaguey in September and October, the farmers of this Cuban eastern province started to prepare the lands to sow some 10 700 hectares of short-term crops. Read More

Cuban Genetic Research Making Headway

After 12 years of research, a multidisciplinary group of Cuban doctors have discovered that there are at least five genes can suffer alterations that cause Alzheimer disease. Read More

Congress on Pneumologic Diseases Open in Cuba

Some of the main topics of debate at the event include the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and pulmonary cancer. Read More

Production of Cancer Fighting Scorpion Venom in Cuba

The anti-cancer properties of the medicine obtained from the venom have been successfully tested in Cuba after several years of research. Approximately 110 millimeters of scorpion toxin, highly effective in the treatment of cancer, have been obtained every month since August in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More

Congress on Asphalt Techniques Underway in Havana

The Congress, sponsored by the National Union of Cuban Architects and Engineers, is being attended by delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the United States. Read More

Regional Expert Praises Institution of World Diabetes Day

The institution by the United Nations (UN) of a resolution that establishes November 14th as World Diabetes Day is an instrument to fight this disease that has become "a threat to families, governments and the world," said Susana Feria de Campanela, President of the South, Central American and Antilles region of the International Diabetes Federation. Read More

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