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The Cuban Telecommunications Company, ETECSA, which recently announced new services in the 4G mobile network, has reported on the requirements that must be taken into account for navigation.

According to ETECSA, for the use of the 4G network "your terminal must have the frequency of 1800 MHz FDD, 80% of mobile phone manufacturers use this standard, so the probability that the terminal that is acquired with access to LTE is 1800 MHz FDD is high. "

Likewise, the company clarified that to use the Network with the advantages it offers for navigation, with the same packages or current Consumption Rate (that is, not free), those that comply with:

1. Reside or spend significant time generating data traffic in areas where 4G coverage is available.

2. Generate data traffic in a month equal to or greater than 2.5 GB.

3. Own a terminal that supports LTE FDD in 1800 MHz.

4. Have a USIM.

Yesterday, Thursday, ETECSA announced the opening of services in the 4G mobile network to "relieve" the overload in the 3G network, which started in December last.

Eliecer Samada, head of ETECSA's wireless group, said in a report for Cuban Television that the start-up of 4G technology will begin experimentally in an area of ​​the northern coast of Havana, with some "10,000 users who are high consumers from Internet".

The 4G arrives in Cuba three months after they opened the 3G on December 6, which is not yet in optimal condition, because in many places there is congestion of services.

The Internet, like almost everything, is coming to Cuba to "dropper". However, access is still too expensive for those who only live off their monthly salary.

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