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Google Toolbar is now available in Cuba

Cuban Internet users can now download Google toolbar. The company announced the news on its corporate blog last Tuesday. Read More

Double Bonus Cubacel from 10 to February 13 , Valentine's Day special in

On the eve of Valentine's Day , Cubacel advertise promotion: Double Bonus to Cuba , the offer will be in effect from February 10, 2014 at 00:01 ( Cuba local time ) until 13 February at 23.59 ( Cuba local time ). Valentine 's Day is the perfect occasion for this offer, also offers 50 SMS to Send to Cuba , for every recharge ​​(+ the double bonus) . Read More

Cuba extends digital TV test zones with Chinese aid

With the help of the Chinese government, Cuba has enlarged the areas of Digital Television (DTV) tests to the eastern provinces of the island country, local press reported on Sunday. Read More

In Cuba, murky light thrown by energy-saving bulbs

Cuba's energy revolution is running in the dark, so to speak. Read More

Cuba Among the Best of the Insular Caribbean Cave Art

With 292 stations or cave art sites, Cuba is perhaps the Caribbean island nation with the most detailed and accurate record of that cultural and archaeological manifestation . Read More

Cuba Uses Bicycles To Alleviate Public Transport Problems

The Cuban government is planning to reintroduce bicycles as a way to alleviate public transport problems, Vice President Marino Murillo said in comments cited Monday in the official media. Read More

Cuba Begins 2012 Population Census

According to officials from the National Bureau of Statistics and Information (ONEI), count will start simultaneously in all Cuban territory at that time, which will be run until September 24, the daily says. Read More

Cuba to Host International Nanotech Forum

Havana will host the 4th International Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference September 18-21 with the attendance of renowned international experts. Read More

Over 81,000 Diabetes Patients Treated with Heberprot-P

More than 81,000 diabetes patients from some 20 countries have been treated with Heberprot-P, a medicine developed by Cuba, considered as the only alternative to prevent amputation of limbs in people with terminal diabetic injuries. Read More

Cuba will study the effect of radio waves on health, climate and earthquakes

Cuban scientists are working together with specialists from the Autonomous University of Mexico to foster research on the effects of low frequencies, generated in the planet's spectrum, called Schumann resonance (SR). Read More

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