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The Production and Marketing Company of Biofarmacéuticos Products of Camagüey uses as the raw materials for the elaboration of medicinal products the scorpion venom and the blood of ram.

To the poison of the escopión the Cuban scientists attribute to him uses and impacts in the fight against the cancer. Specifically, they work with the species Rhopalurus Junceus.

According to the information system of the Cuban Television, one responsible for the state company, the scorpions are "milked" once a month with the aim of extracting the poison and moving it to Havana, where it is used in ongoing investigations.

In Camagüey they keep the Phopalurus Junceus species in captivity for around two years and when they can not get more venom, they release them in their natural environment.

Regarding the blood of the ram, the specialist said that it is extracted to the animals to be sent to hospitals, where it is used as a culture medium in the laboratories of the health centers of Camaguey and neighboring provinces.

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