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Cuba’s Minister of the Food Industry, Maria del Carmen Concepcion, congratulated on Monday in Havana the workers of the Food Industry’s Research Institute (IIIA) for their scientific work on occasion of the 40th anniversary of its creation.
Concepcion said during the closing session of the activity held at Havana’s Convention Center that there have been lots of work and missions carried out by the group to answer to the food and nutritional needs of the Cuban population.
She stressed that the new generation of technicians, specialists and workers of the center are committed to advancing and improving development strategies of the national economy up to the year 2030.
The General Director of the IIIA, Lourdes Valdes told the press that work is underway in remodeling the institution with the objective of having a better response to the needs of the food production firms.
We are looking for new supplies that can improve the quality of life of the population guided by the thinking and recommendations formulated by the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro.
There is work on several cooperation projects that will allow a better attention to pregnant women and children, increase in the nursery of fresh water fish and take advantage of the industry’s residuals, among other international programs that favor the research.
Among the many achievements of the IIA, founded on January 1st, 1977, is the development and production of an assorted number of flavors for soya yogurt in addition to other sectors directed in replacing imports in the milk industry.
Its specialists also formulated food for athletes and children with metabolic disorders and patients that are intolerant to lactose.
On occasion of its anniversary, men and women with over 40 years linked to the important sector of the country’s economy were recognized for their work.

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