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Fidel Castro: Food and Wholesome Jobs

The conditions have been created for the country to start the mass <br /> production of moringa oleifera and mulberry, which are inexhaustible <br /> sources of meat; milk and eggs Read More

Cuba’s Advances in Neurosciences, Acknowledged

Doctor Pedro A. Valdes, deputy director of Cuba’s Center of Neurosciences, has been appointed member of the executive council of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), at the congress of that entity held in Beijing. Read More

Cuba is still searching for black gold

The floating rig now moves west to drill an exploratory well for Petronas, the state-run oil company of Malaysia, which is in partnership with Russia. Read More

UNESCO Official to Attend Havana Meeting on Management of Historical Centers

The event is scheduled for May 15-18 and was organized by the Havana Historian’s Office along with UNESCO’s Regional Culture Office for Latin America and the Caribbean Read More

Center under Construction for Scorpion Management for Health Purposes

The installation, under management of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Production Center, LABIOFAM, will provide dwellings to over 20 000 scorpions, almost four-fold the current amount in captivity in the province of Granma. Read More

Cuban Experts Help in the Protection of Amphibians in the Caribbean

Cuban scientists are collaborating with Caribbean countries in the protection of amphibians, mainly those endangered species Read More

CIMAB S.A., 20 Years in Cuban Biotechnology

With more than 80 sanitary registrations and export operations in nearly 30 countries, the Cuban Commercial Company CIMAB S.A., an exclusive representative of the Immunology Molecular Center (CIM), is marking 20 years of work. Read More

Cienfuegos combat climate change

Cienfuegos experts presented a project called scenarios of danger and vulnerability with which they intend to tackle climate change and sea level rise that is forecast for the years 2050 and 2100. Read More

Test new materials to build in Cuba

Studies are underway on materials to be used in Cuba for the housing so that it is not necessary to use lifting equipment. One of these is expanded polystyrene to be used in a new modular construction system. Read More

Cuban integrates UPADI Directory

Last April 12 was announced in Havana Cuban integration Caparó Antonio Marichal to the Board of the Pan American Union of Engineering Associations (UPADI), an organization that has two million members of the American continent. Read More

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