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The Cuban telecommunications monopoly, Etecsa, must conclude this Friday the assembly of 20 microradiobases in Wi-Fi zones with high traffic in Holguin, with the aim of helping to decongest the network in the province, reported the newspaper Ahora.

Yovagni Pérez Carmenate, Head of the Mobile Technology Department of the company, explained that stations were located in the José Martí, Calixto García, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Children's and First of January parks, as well as in the Ferrocarriles Terminal, the Calixto stadium. Garcia, the boulevard and the popular council Villa Nueva, all in the county seat.

Etecsa continues to add complaints about its service, characterized by the slowness and poor quality of the connection.

A user named Argelio denounced Now the situation of cell phones in Moa. "We have cell phones for pleasure, because when you most urgently need to make a call or connect to the Internet, it's impossible," he said.

Regarding 3G technology, which Cubans must pay "at the price of gold", the entity revealed that in 2019 25 macrocells or radio bases will be set up in the territories of Holguín, Moa, Banes, Mayarí, Gibara and San Germán, facilities that must contribute to improve the poor connection that currently exists, especially in peak hours.

Holguin has up to now with 97 mobile stations; Of these, 62 have 3G support, a figure that places the eastern province in the second national position, second only to the capital.

In relation to Nauta Hogar, it is foreseen to increase its availability to 1,200 new clients.

By the end of this year, it is hoped to venture experimentally on 4G technology at the Tourist Pole and the international airport.

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