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Operation Miracle Benefits One Million People

Those free eye surgeries allowed people from 28 countries of the so called Third World to recover their vision or heal from different ophthalmological problems. Read More

Over 62, 000 people Were Assisted in Las Tunas by the Integrated System of Medical Urgency

More than 62, 000 people were assisted by the System of Medical Urgency (SIUM), in this eartern province of Las Tunas, as part of the rescue to the patient by means of modern ambulances. Read More

Specialists and Producers Establish Strategies to Fight Marabú

Specialists and cattle producers established in this city, the new strategies to face the rapid propagation of the African bush known as marabú. Read More

Applied at Camagüey a Cuban-Vietnamese project related to the rice production.

A united project between both Cuban and Vietnamese governments, related to the rice production, works using sustainable methods and offers excellent results after two consecutive years of work at the province. Read More

Over 30 thousand higher education students attending classrooms in Camagüey

Over 30 thousand students are attending higher educations institutions this year in the province of Camaguey, eastern Cuba, as part of the countrys endeavours to train professional work force. Read More

The Publishing House of the UPEC is preparing over 50 teaching books

In this 22nd anniversary, the institution has a catalogue with over 500 titles, as well as a considerable number of magazines and comic books that have been quite an event in recent Book Fairs. Read More

Hugo Chavez in Cuba for Petrocaribe Summit

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Cuba on Wednesday to participate in the Fourth Petrocaribe Summit that takes place in the central city of Cienfuegos on Friday. Read More

Cubas Blackouts, an Dark Episode of the Past

It was May 2004 when Cubas national power grid took a tremendous hit: a breakdown occurred during regular maintenance at the Antonio Guiteras Power Plant in Matanzas. Read More

Cienfuegos: A Major Industrial City on the Caribbean

The inauguration of the oil refinery, modernized by a joint venture made up of the state-owned companies Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) and Cubapetroleo (CUPET), will mark the beginning of a megaproject whose core will be a petrochemical complex. Read More

China, Cuba Enhance Public Health Co-op

In a meeting Tuesday presided over by Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu and Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, China and Cuba declared their willingness to enhance public health cooperation, especially in ophthalmology. Read More

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