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New photovoltaic system in Santiago de Cuba

The national grid has been connected from Santiago de Cuba a micro solar photovoltaic will be tested to measure its effectiveness in conditions in the tropical climate and see if the results are good for general use in the island. Read More

Congress on Biotechnology in Havana

Between 5 and March 8 will be taking place in the Cuban capital Havana 2012 Biotechnology Congress to be attended by scientists from all continents. The event will be focused mainly on the application of this discipline in the field of medicine. Read More

Workshop in Havana on renewable energy

Havana will host the Tenth International Workshop on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development which experts from different countries will attend to discuss issues on renewable energy sources. Read More

The Clinical Trial Coordinating Center celebrates its 20 years of existence

The medical-pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology Cuban has reached world-renowned quality and currently to be due to the excellent work done by the National Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials (CENCEC). This year, up to its twentieth anniversary, he received recognition from the Ministry of Public Health for his outstanding work. Read More

Biogas Congress in Cuba

The III National Biogas Users will be inaugurated on February 22 in Pinar del Rio and will run until March 24. In the four days comprising the event aims to increase renewable energy promotion and discuss new forms of production. Read More

Good international acceptance of Cuban vaccine

One of the creations of Cuban biotechnologists Gavac is the recombinant vaccine, which fights the cattle tick. The product of national origin is being used in Latin American countries and so far the results are excellent. Read More

Domestically produced tomatoes through science

In the province of Mayabeque be able to produce hybrid tomatoes in the Horticultural Research Institute Liliana Dimitrova, thanks to the advancement of science in the development of techniques of genetic crosses this crop can be produced in Cuba and without import. Read More

Coastal pollution in Cuba

Toxic wastes and pollutants that are generated by different processes in terrestrial areas are dumped into the sea. Specifically in Cuba, its geographical costs are the main reservoir and therefore the most damaged area. Read More

Tomato hybrids national import substitution

Havana, Feb 6 (AIN) With the use of techniques of genetic crosses, specialists of the Institute of Horticultural Research Liliana Dimitrova, in Mayabeque, managed tomato hybrids, which replace imports. Read More

Pest Control in Havana

<span style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; line-height: normal;">Insects and microorganisms that exist in the environment contribute to the deterioration of various elements in society. Thus, experts from the National Archives of Cuba (ANC) in Havana have been conducted to analyze the indoor air quality and take action.</span> Read More

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