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The history of medicine in Cuba

The history of medicine in Cuba does not begin as many people could believe with the arrival of Spaniards to the island. We can say, based on chroniclers of the Indies readings and works of some medical historians, that among the natives of this land there was a certain medical practice typical of their culture. Read More

Esteban Salas: father of the sacred music in Cuba

Esteban Salas is considered the starting point for the practice of the sacred music in Cuba. The Cuban religious music before him was only reduced to literal reproductions of the canticles of books from other regions. The work of Salas originated a discipline unknown in Cuba those days. Read More

The millionaire heritage of the Cuban philately

Cuban philately has a millionaire heritage in collection pieces, some of them of universal relevance due to its cultural and historical significance. Read More

Josephine Baker: a great a friend of Cuba

With her spectacular dance of the bananas, she became the Queen of Paris nightlife. In 1950, when Josephine Baker, the celebrated African-American artist, first visited Cuba, she was denied lodging at the National Hotel because of the color of her skin. Read More

World's most expensive smoke, but is it the best?

It's the world's most expensive cigar -- $440 each and it only comes in boxes of 40 -- but is it the best? Nobody knows because no one has smoked one. Read More

Camaguey is one of the Cuban colonial cities that best preserves its historical center

Camaguey is one of the Cuban colonial cities that best preserves its historical center. It is distinguished by the large earthenware jars and the irregular routes of its first streets. Read More

The Bejucal Charangas (brass bands)

The Bejucal Charangas (brass bands) like other Cuban traditional festivities owe its existence to the slavery black population of the colonial time. After the Misa del Gallo (Christmas mass) they used to dance to the rhythm of the drums around the church of that Havana location while white and free mulatto peoples enjoyed that show where they invoked their goddesses through frenetic movements. Read More

The Cuban Carnivals

The Cuban carnivals are celebrated every year throughout the country. However, those from Havana and Santiago de Cuba cities are the most significant, each of them with its own identity. Read More

The Parandes from the old town of Remedios

One of the most authentic traditional celebrations in Cuba are the parrandas (to go out partying) from the old town of Remedios located at central part of the island. Read More

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