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The University of Pinar del Río in Cuba and Pachacanac Municipality in Peru: a Future Accord of Cooperation was Initiated.
Ramos Lezcano stated that his main goal is to develop a sustainable tourism in the poorest district of Lima Metropolitana, taking into account the experience of Viñales municipality, and that way to change the life conditions of the inhabitants of the Peruvian region.

On the other hand, Ares Rojas explained the peculiarities of the Cuban educational system related to the different careers and the research studies taking place in the province.

He also talked about the strict control of Education by the direction of the country and expressed his satisfaction for increasing friendship bonds nowadays when our University is at peak with around 1000 students.

The mayor admitted to be very grateful, pleased and satisfied for the hospitality received in the territory and as a conclusion noted that the visit goes far beyond institutional collaboration. To him and his people it is a proof of the solidarity among Latin American nations.

At the ceremony as a signal of recognition, the rector was given a sculpture of the Father God, a deity worshipped by ancient Pachacanacs, and a record with native songs of this territory.


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