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First cinema dictionary made by Pinar del Río author

Film critic, essayist and scriptwriter Jose Alberto Lezcano is the author of El actor de cine: arte, mito y realidad (Movie actor: art, myth and reality) the first film dictionary published in Cuba, to be launched in the 19th International Book Fair of Havana. Read More

19th International Book Fair will offer millions of books

The 19th International Book Fair will begin on February 7 to be extended then to the rest of the capital cities through March 7, offering five million books. Read More

Alberto Marrero: Winner of La Gaceta’s Short Story Prize

"I believe in work, perseverance, effort and self-improvement. These are the things that light me up. I work the two genres, poetry and the short story. I think there are communicating vessels between them", Alberto Marrero told Granma newspaper. Read More

Hemingway and his legacy in Cuba

Ernest Hemingway, great admirer of Cuba’s virtues, lasts in the memory of the many people who followed in Cuba his literary creation and his journeys around the world. Read More

Havana Book Fair: a big cultural fiesta

Cuban culture welcomes the New Year with the launching of 5 million books in the upcoming Havana International Book Fair, slated to run February 7 through March 7, with its main venue at the Morro Cabaña Complex. Read More

New Books by Avila Publishing House

The publishing house Editorial Avila, based in the eastern Cuban province of Ciego de Avila, will launch new books by local authors. Read More

Remarkable Cuban figures and their whereabouts

Alicia Alonso: The Grand Diva of Ballet<br /> <br /> Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso is a legend, a famous Cuban and universal ballet star and one of the world's best known and admired ballerinas, choreographers and teachers. She is the director of the Cuban National Ballet Company.<br /> Read More

Stanzas at Las Tunas province with The Cuculambe

As a matter of fact, Juan Cristobal Nápoles Fajardo—El Cucalambé—is one of the most emblematic exponents of culture in Las Tunas and the main cultivator of the espinela (after its name in Spanish, it consists of a ten-verse poetical composition) in Cuba in the 19th century. Read More

New edition of Cirilo Villaverde’s book, a 19th Century writer

The edition of Trip to Vueltabajo, an original by Cirilo Villaverde, a notable XIX century writer from Pinar  del Rio, is the first title of the Phoenix Collection, new line of the Loynaz Editions publishing house.<br /> Read More

2010 Alejo Carpentier Literary Award given to Cubans

The 2010 Alejo Carpentier Literary Award was granted to Rafael de Aguila, Ernesto Pena and David Leyva by the homonymous Foundation and the Letras Cubanas Publishing House. Read More

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