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Film critic, essayist and scriptwriter Jose Alberto Lezcano is the author of El actor de cine: arte, mito y realidad (Movie actor: art, myth and reality) the first film dictionary published in Cuba, to be launched in the 19th International Book Fair of Havana.

The volume, published by ICAIC National Publisher and launched on December 6th at the National Hotel, comprises 290 pages that summarize over 900 profiles of artists from different nationalities including China, Japan, England, United States, Mexico, Argentina and some Latin American countries, et al.

The book is divided in two sections; the first is an essay about acting, diction, unfolding, wardrobe and the different styles.

The second part is the dictionary per se, which includes important film personalities of all times, data that constitute a very useful compendium that saves hours and days of dispersed search, notes the dynamic researcher, who has devoted a year and a half to this book, retrieving information from his archives, which he calls my little Internet.

The design of the book was by Eduardo Moltó and is defined by Lezcano as sober and minimalist. The prologue was made by Frank Padron and the presentation at the National Hotel was made by Rufo Caballero before an audience of specialists and film lovers.

Loynaz Publishing House predicts that the dictionary might be presented as well in Pinar del Rio during the book fair.

Lezcano wrote during several years for the cultural page of Guerrillero weekly; worked for 18 years in La sala oscura (the dark room) program of Telepinar and has written scripts for the radio for 23 years.

In 1995 he was awarded the essay prize granted by the Spain embassy in Cuba, for his review about the novel Jardin by Dulce Maria Loynaz.

He has also written prologues for several books of Pinar del Rio authors, among them Juan Ramón de la Portilla and René Valdés.


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