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France returns to Book Fair in Cuba

France will participate with a stand at the next International Book Fair of Havana with a contribution of over 200 titles donated by the Central Fund for Social Activities (CCAS) of the energy sector. Read More

Gordimer to Attend Havana’s International Book Fair

Writer Nadine Gordimer, winner of the 1991 Nobel Literature Prize, will participate in Havana’s International Book fair, announced Cubadebate web site.<br /> Read More

"Barquitos del San Juan" to be launched at the Book Fair in Cuba

Matanzas´s Vigía Publishing House will present the latter edition of its children magazine Barquitos del San Juan ( Little ships from San Juan River) in the XIX International Book Fair, Cuba 2010, that will be inaugurated in February in the Morro Cabaña Complex, in Havana. Read More

Argentina Poet Happy, Honored with Casa Award

Happy and highly honored with the Casa de las Americas, said on Friday the Argentinean poet Bruno Di Benedetto, who receives it almost as a birthday gift because less than a week ago it was his 55th birthday. Read More

Statue of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba's wax museum

A life-size statue of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who dubbed himself as &quot;a Cuban half-breed&quot; is displayed to the public on the Wax Museum in this eastern city. Read More

Cuban Historian Sergio Guerra Worthy of Bicentenary Award

The Cuban historian Sergio Guerra Vilaboy has been given the Extraordinary Bicentennial for Spanish American Emancipation Award. Read More

Miguel Barnet's intense professional and artistic life

Since the first time he heard from Esteban Montejo the story of how he slipped away in the scrubland to begin his life as a runaway slave, Miguel Barnet knew he was going to write that life story as a novel. Read More

Recital Dedicated to Jose Marti in Venezuela

Venezuelan poets with Cuban actor Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera and minstrel Jesus del Valle (Tatita) dedicated poems and songs to Jose Marti in Casa de Nuestra America Jose Marti (Our America House). Read More

April Publishing House in Havana Fair

The second volume of &quot;Así es Fidel&quot; will be one of the main proposals of the April Publishing House in the International Book Fair Cuba 2010, which will begin next February 11.<br /> Read More

The Correspondent, the Saturday Book

The work El Enviado (The Correspondent), by the Havana narrator Julio Travieso Serrano (Havana, 1940), was launched in the Saturday Book space at the Palacio del Segundo Cabo, in Havana City. Read More

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