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Russian children draw for Cuba Book Fair

At least 60 drawings selected through a contest on Cuban poets' themes will be shown at the 19th Havana International Book Fair, said Director of the Russian &quot;Firebird&quot; Gallery Alevtina Zharova.<br /> Read More

The book La Habana de Hemingway y Campoamor to be launched

The book La Habana de Hemingway y Campoamor, by the Cuban writer Osmar Mariño Rodríguez will be launched next Monday 25, at five o’clock in the afternoon in the Cartuja Salon from the Seville Hotel, in Havana. Read More

Cuba, US experts try to save Hemingway home

US and Cuban experts are teaming up to try to save the Cuba home where Ernest Hemingway lived for more than two decades and penned his classic &quot;The Old Man and the Sea,&quot; official media said Wednesday. Read More

Russian Literature at the Cuban Book Fair

Known as one of the most solid and notable of world history, Russian literature will at the center of Cubans’ attention during the next edition of Havana’s International Book Fair, to be held in February and March. Read More

Villanueva Awards in Dora Alonso Centennial

The ceremony to present the Villanueva awards of art critics section of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) are again in Matanzas scenarios on the centennial of Dora Alonso. Read More

Latin American Casa Award Jury ready to assess writings

The Cuban Casa Award jury is already working on 400 new regional writers, reading their pages in search for the winning authors. Read More

Las Tunas's Sanlope Publishing House Offers Valuable Cultural Contribution

The publication of about 19, 200 books during 2009, by the Sanlope Publishing House, constitutes a valuable contribution of Las Tunas province to the culture in Cuba. Read More

From Casa de las Americas: Latinos in the U.S.

Over 45 million Latinos live in the United States at present, representing over 15% of the population of that country, and it’s calculated that by 2020 the figure will rise to 52 million due to the marked immigration in the few decades. <br /> Read More

National Theatre Prize goes to Armando Suarez del Villar

The National Council for Performing Arts granted the 2010 National Theatre Prize to Armando Suárez del Villar, important figure and master of Cuban stage. Read More

Relationships between Cuba and Russia to be strengthened in 2010 Book Festival

The 19th International Book Festival from Havana will be the opportunity so that Cuba and Russia strengthen their relationships, stated in Cienfuegos the ambassador of that country in our island, Mijail Kamynin. Read More

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