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Menocal: painter and mambí fighter

Armando GarcIa Menocal is a transcendental figure in the Cuban art world, as much for his unforgettable portraits as for his role as a Mambí, the name given to the Cuban soldiers who fought against Spain in the 19th century wars of independence.

Alicia Alonso: The Grand Diva of Ballet

Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso is a legend, a famous Cuban and universal ballet star and one of the world's best known and admired ballerinas, choreographers and teachers. She is the director of the Cuban National Ballet Company.

Lázaro Bruzón Batista: The Youngest Grand Master in Cuba’s Chess History

With an ELO score of   2637 points, Grand Master Lazaro Bruzon Batista currently ranks second to Grand Master  Leinier

Domínguez in the national standings.

Las Tunas-born Teofilo Stevenson: a vivid Legend from Puerto Padre Municipality,  
Las Tunas’ province, three-time Olympic heavyweight boxing champion, Teofilo Stevenson is considered a gentleman by his adversaries.

Vicente García, the Eminent Hero of Las Tunas and Author of the Famous Quotation: “Burnt before being slave.”

When the glorious echo of freedom proclaimed by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes widens across the east of Cuba, Vicente García was one of the first leaders to join rebel forces against colonialism.

Osmani Urrutia, The Great Slugger of Cuban Baseball

Osmani Urrutia is not just a name for Cuban Baseball, the right outfielder has become for a long time the great slugger of Cuba's National Sport.


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