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Idea, Image, and Sound 2007

The 3rd National Television Festival scheduled for January 17th-21st, in Havana. The Festival awards several categories of the best works broadcasted on television during the last year; intense cultural program during the days of the encounter; exchange, and reflections in the theoretical event. Read More

Adalberto Álvarez in the Cuban cinema

A living legend of the Cuban popular dance music, composer and orchestra director Adalberto Álvarez, better known as " the gentleman of the son" will be film maker Lourdes de los Santos' next documentary footage. Read More

Eva Mendes says she resisted 'stereotypical' Hispanic role

Actress Eva Mendes says she first resisted a part in an upcoming movie also featuring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall because it was too stereotypical, but finally relented when the director agreed to adjust her role. Read More

Cuban Cinema at top speed in 2006

The production of nearly seven long-length feature films, several short ones and some other documentaries corroborate that Cuba has really excelled in the cinematographic field this year. In general terms, they were not only overwhelming successes but, and most important, they centered the attention of the most demanding critics beyond detractions and preferences. Read More

Columbian hometown of Garcia Marquez is setting for film of his classic novel

Director Mike Newell fights off laughter as a Spanish-speaking parrot jabbers his way through what was supposed to be a sombre shot of a Roman Catholic wake. He has no idea what the bird is saying, "but I love it," Newell says, seconds after yelling "cut" on the set of "Love in the Time of Cholera." Read More

Chile, Cuba to sign film accord

The Film Co-production Agreement signed between Chile and Cuba, during the 28th New Latin American Film Festival in Havana, one of the most important such events in the region, will enhance cooperation in this field. Read More

Argentina and Brazil with 10 Corals each: the most prizes

It was somewhat expected, but not to such an extent, that the Coral prizes this year would be shared among various films. There hasnt been that great movie that grabs immediate attention. The jury members appreciated certain interesting aspects of each of the films in competition. And so 32 of them received prizes. Read More

Documentary film about Korda.

"Kordavision" a documentary film about Cuban photographer Alberto Korda ( 1928-2001) author of the most well known photo image of Ernesto Che Guevara, was shown for the first time last Monday, as part of the New Latin American Cinema International Festival. Read More

Brazilian film wins at Havana Film Festival

The Brazilian film "El cielo de Suely", by director Karim Ainouz, 40, took the top prize at the prestigious New Latin American Cinema Festival that officially closed Friday in Havana, Cuba. Read More

Saul Landau's generous gift

Saul Landau, the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who went on to become one of the world's most respected documentary filmmakers, has donated his films and papers to the Madison-based Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. Read More

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