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Cuban Films Screened in India
Pratab Singh, speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly, gave the opening speech of the event, sponsored by the Goa University, the Show Society of Goa, and the Cuban embassy.

Cuban ambassador Miguel Angel Ramirez explained the exhibition intends to pay tribute to Cuban Revolution´s 50th anniversary, and invited moviegoers to see a different cinema in a changeable society.

The screening, to be run until February 22, also includes films like "La Muerte de un Burocrata," "Un Hombre de Exito," "Lucia," "La Bella del Alhambra," and "El Benny."

Among documentaries are "Desafio," "Yo Soy del Son a la Salsa," "Montaña de Luz," "Che: el Amor, la Politica y la Rebeldia," "Hechos, no Palabras," and "El Merito de Estar Vivo."

Parallel to the screening was a photo exhibition on Cuba, including issues like the life and work of Revolution leader Fidel Castro and heroic guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, the explosion in mid air of the Cuban airplane off Barbados as well as images of Havana and the island's nature.

As part of activities, Ramirez gave a lecture on his country's current situation at the state university.

He also talked of the island's economic advances, despite the criminal US blockade, and the impact of three consecutive hurricanes in the Cuban economy and society.


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