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Cuban Film Triumphs at Cartagena, Colombia Festival

The Cuban film La Edad de la Peseta (The Silly Age) directed by Pavel Giroud, obtained an award over the weekend at the 47th Cartagena Cinema and Television Festival. Read More

Viva Cuba wins film fest in Egypt

The film "Viva Cuba," Juan Carlos Cemata, won the Golden Award for best film at the International Children s Film Festival in Cairo. Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk A-Hosni closed the event, which had 23 contending films from 16 countries, at the Grand Theater of the Opera House. Read More

French film festival begins in Cuba

French cinema has a strong following in Cuba and this years French Film Festival begins Friday in Havana with 19 full-length features and two programs of short films scheduled. Read More

Santiago Alvarez film works available in Cuba

A DVD with the best of the work of Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alvarez will be presented on March 8 at the International Documentary Film Festival, which bears his name, the organizing committee announced on Friday. Read More

Garcia Marquez film series in Cuba

A retrospective of films based on works by 1982 Nobel prizewinner Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, also known as Gabo, started in this capital from Tuesday to Friday. Read More

Cuban National Film Awards: Fernando Pérez, Daysi Granados and Nelson Rodríguez

The film director Fernando Pérez ("Madrigal"), the actress Daysi Granados and the film editor Nelson Rodríguez, have received the Cuban National Film Award for 2007. The winners formed part of a group of 13 nominees, among whom were directors, actors, an editor and a costume designer, all who have figured in many Cuban films in the past decades. Read More

Cuba wins four prizes at the Dominican Film Festival

Visibly pleased Dominican film critics highlight today Cuban film "El Benny" by director Jorge Luis Sánchez won Cemi Prize in the Best Opera Prima category at the 9th International Film Festival of Santo Domingo. The film portraying the life of the popular music star also conquered the Peoples Choice Award and the Best Actor Award went to Renny Arozarena for his role as Benny Moré. Read More

Cuban film about author Lezama Lima

A film about the life of Cuban author José Lezama Lima will start shooting next week in Havana, directed by filmmaker and scriptwriter Tomás Piard. The film, funded by Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC) will be entitled El Viajero inmóvil. Lezama Lima was born in 1910 and died in 1976. He was an outstanding poet and narrator. Read More

March, and the french Cinema Festival

March is already breaking through in the calendar to the rhythm of the French cinema which returns again, as one of the most important summons in the seventh art in Cuba, year after year and which, in this year 2007, will exhibit in 36 theaters of the entire country, included the capital as well as the other thirteen provinces and the special municipality the Isle of Youth, for the satisfaction of thousands of movie fans. Read More

Eros Ramazzotti shoots video in Cuba

Singer Eros Ramazzotti is now in Havana to shoot a video that will be included in a CD in collaboration with Amaia Montero who visited the Caribbean Island some years ago with her group La Oreja de Van Gogh. Read More

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