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Next weekend Transformers robots will arrive in Havana

Next weekend, Cuban Film Institute will offer a new cinematographic service to foreign film production, in this case, for the US film Transformers 5, directed by Michael Bay for Paramount Pictures. Read More

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are already in Havana!

The moment fans have been awaiting has arrived. Gradually the actors, doubles, producers and other Fast and Furious team members have arrived in Havana with great discretion, to shoot the eighth part of the famous saga on the island. Read More

Fast and Furious starts first casting of "almendrones" in Havana

Fords, Chevrolets and other classic cars gathered Wednesday in Havana to participate in the casting of promising Fast and Furious 8 film, which will have as main scenario the iconic streets of Cuba. Read More

Gandalf gives lecture in Havana

After the last conversation with Peter Brown (ex-manager of the Beatles), now the British Embassy in Havana announced for next Tuesday, February 16 (6:30 to 8:00 pm), a talk with prominent actor Sir. Ian McKellen. Read More

Vin Diesel is in Cuba

As reported by Vistar Magazine, actor, producer and film director Mark Sinclair Vincent, better known as Vin Diesel is in Havana right now. Read More

Prominent Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami visits Cuba

Kiarostami's film career has been very neat, obtaining international prizes at festivals in Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Valladolid, Istanbul, New York, and Critics of San Francisco. Read More

First Chinese-Cuban film to be shot in Havana

Love in Havana is the title of the first Chinese-Cuba cinema coproduction scheduled for shooting in Havana in early March, between a Chinese audiovisual producer and Cuban RTV Comercial film company. Read More

Exclusive pictures of the shooting of House of Lies in Havana, Cuba

Showtime’s dark comedy series House of Lies chose to film its fifth-season finale in Cuba, marking the first time an American scripted series is shot in the country since the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic relations. Read More

Natalie Portman is in Havana

Natalie Portman is in Havana and although the reason of her trip has not transcended she has been seen in photos. Read More

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