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Last Monday August 8th, during the annual celebration of the Wordwide Developer's Conference, Apple released its new product Apple World Music under the slogan "All in one place". The person in charge of the announcement was Eddy Cue, an American of Cuban descent and senior vice president of Internet software and Services. With the new application, available in iOS 8.4, on June 30 and at a price of $ 9.99 per month and with three months of free trial, users will have a service of musical streaming with more than 30 million songs, in addition to save in their devices songs, videos, artists and music playlists, as well as the digital radio Beats 1, working 24 hours a day and a better connection with their favorite artists.


One of the striking moments of the world premiere occurred when Cue presented the benefits and possibilities of the new product, such as the suggestions of playlists. The list chosen to demonstrate the operation was called Cuban House Party and the track chosen to share with those attending the conference was the Tribute to Benny Moré (Castellano que Bueno Baila Usted) by the Cuban popular group Gente de Zona, led by Alexander Delgado. Recognizing his Cuban blood, Eddy Cue even danced on the stage. The image of a Cuban House Party list with songs like ' Pelotero la bola  by Carlos Oliva and Caballo viejo   by Roberto Torres could be seen in the background.

The election of this playlist with Cuban music as background in an event of this magnitude, precisely where the new star product is released and promoted and where every millimeter is studied and prepared can not be fortuitous but a wink deliberately intended to Cuba and Cuban music.


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