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The United States said on Tuesday that they have the impression that Cuban government has not yet decided a strategy on how to modernize its infrastructure in the area of ​​telecommunications.
Roberta Jacobson, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said that although she has no doubt on the interest of the Cuban authorities to progress in this area and after numerous meetings they have had with American companies and experts, "I do not think they have taken a decision yet ".
"I think it's a fundamental dilemma for them.  They will have to decide which route to take, what kind of system, how much to do and how fast," said the diplomat during a conference she gave at the Wilson Center.
Jacobson noted that Cuba needs to improve Internet and cell phone service if wanting to attract more tourists. 
She praised today the rapprochement of Latin-American Bank for Development (CAF by its Spanish acronym) to Cuba and stressed that the island will need "technical assistance" to advance in its reforms for greater openness to the global financial system.


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