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Cuba and the United States will sign direct interconnection agreement

Cuba Telecommunications Company SA, ETECSA and Domestic American company IDT Telecom, INC. (IDT) have concluded talks with the aim of signing a Service Agreement for the Operation of International Telecommunications, which will allow direct interconnection between the US and Cuba. Read More

Robles and Ortega met in Stockholm

Orlando Ortega and Dayron Robles won first and third place in Pedro's Cup in Poland. Only the American Aries Merritt got in the way. However, as to leave no room for doubt that this season is looming successful, Cubans dominated the last meeting held in indoor stadium. Read More

Cuba and the United States will play baseball in July

USA Baseball and Cuban Baseball Federation announced the continuation of their friendly series when both nations will be measured this summer on American soil. Read More

Lisandra Guerra was ninth in the World Cup of Cycling

Cuban Lisandra Guerra finished in ninth place in the 500m Individual time trial during the second competitive day of the World Championships Track Cycling, held in Paris. Read More

The "black list" of ETECSA is a tool against crime

Black list System of Cuba Telecommunications Company SA (ETECSA) is not only helping mobile phone owners to recover them, is also being valuable in detecting criminals. Read More

Ian Padrón decided to stay in the US

The Cuban filmmaker Ian Padron, director of numerous music videos, documentaries and film Habanastation announced his decision to stay in America. Read More

A book about solidarity between Cuba and Canada was published in Havana

Solidarity with Cuba in Canada, publication edited by Nino Pagliccia, activist friendship between the two countries, was at the XXIV International Book Fair, located in Havana. Read More

Ladies in White call for resignation of their leader Berta Soler

The controversy surrounding Ladies in White climbed a new step on Monday when 16 of its members in exile called for the resignation of the leader of the organization, Bertha Soler, and demanded elections to choose a new one. Read More

New direct flights between Cuba and Puerto Rico

A Puerto Rican tourist supply company has planned a dozen direct charter flights between Cuba and Puerto Rico from the summer, an initiative that the government of this last island urged to imitate by other entrepreneurs. Read More

Cuban women's team pursuit is out of the World Cup of Cycling

The Cuban women's team pursuit was eliminated in the qualifying round of the World Track Cycling Championships in Paris, France, ending in the thirteenth position among the 16 participating teams. Read More