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A Puerto Rican tourist supply company has planned a dozen direct charter flights between Cuba and Puerto Rico from the summer, an initiative that the government of this last island urged to imitate by other entrepreneurs.

"The company Turismo Tony Perez has a charter now in summer and is promoting something that pleased me a lot", stated the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, David Bernier, who said that despite the announcement of policy change in the approach to Cuba from the US, "the classic tourism between the two countries is not open yet."

"What has changed is that he explained before a license that was a bit cumbersome to obtain and can now be done directly required," said Bernier.

He also said that "there are other airlines are also making their numbers to assess the feasibility of offering direct flights" among which are known locally as "sister islands", but declined to provide details.

Is processed visit to Puerto Rico to Cuban officials to explain the Government and local entrepreneurs what their strategic growth plan for the coming years and thus identify areas of business where from here you can help and at the same time , take advantage of the announcement of Barack Obama and Raúl Castro last December.

At the moment no date for that meeting, but Bernier said that part of the public policy of Puerto Rico to create a strategy for the progressive normalization of relations between the US and Cuba.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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