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Black list System of Cuba Telecommunications Company SA (ETECSA) is not only helping mobile phone owners to recover them, is also being valuable in detecting criminals.

Only in January about 146 cell were included in the blacklist, indicating the frequency with which people lose them for whatever reason. However in the same period almost 40, they were returned to their rightful owners.

What is the “black list”?

"When a citizen, Cuban or is lost cell must be submitted in any of the offices of the company in the country to report it," explains Yennys Pérez Araújo, head of the Department Mobile Services Group Division Etecsa Las Tunas .

Immediately their terminal equipment is included in a blacklist that identifies and prevents connect to the network. Then if another person tries to use a phone blocked by blacklist to make the third call or message, you are blocking the line also.

"Then continues: Yennys- when the customer arrives with blocked online, check on the system to know why. If it's blacklist we communicate and explain your phone actually belongs to someone else and try to persuade him to return it. "

"Once you pick up the phone we informed the relevant bodies. Then we have 72 hours to inform the owner with whom we communicate regularly then to tell, "concludes Yennys.

Executive Etecsa have seen how citizenship is often cheated by checking that cell bought illegal vendors already taken.
The return of these cell of dubious origin has served to clarify several crimes committed even in another province. Equally damaging is the practice of some self-employed to change the IMEI mobile because doing the disabled to be included in the blacklist.

The subject of repeated series is also a problem if we speak of "copies" as they are popularly known. This is cell manufactured by companies that reproduce very popular and attractive models, but made from the same series. Of losing those either business can incluírseles blacklisted as soon as equipment block to have the same number he says.

Source: Newspaper Trabajadores

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