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The Cuban filmmaker Ian Padron, director of numerous music videos, documentaries and film Habanastation announced his decision to stay in America.

During an interview with Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui on CNN Mexico, Padrón said he "was tired of fighting, of complications" with your work and personal life in Cuba.

"It's hard for me, having achieved recognition, start again, start from scratch," confessed from Los Angeles, according to CNN.

Questioned by Aristegui on the reaction of his father, the renowned film director, cartoonist and filmmaker Juan Padrón cartoon, said he received his respect.

"When I came here I told him I was going to live here a while. I received the respect of my family and my father (...) He may disagree with me decide to live in another country," said Ian Padrón.

"I've always wanted to live in Cuba," he said. "I came to America more than 20 times and had never decided to stay and live here, just because I feel a duty, a responsibility to fight to improve my country," he said.

As for its decision stated: "I sleep quiet, who criticizes me is his right, but I think no one will work out my life My life's got to solve self, I have to adapt myself and I have to fight for it." .

Habanastation director also reiterated an idea expressed in an interview with host Jaime Bayly on channel Mega TV, a year ago: "We must be very brave to leave Cuba, but also have to be very brave to stay in Cuba ".

In December 2014, Padrón denounced censorship and lack of transparency in the Lucas Awards, aimed at recognizing each year to the best performers of music clips. In 2013 he had asked the National Film Award for actor Reynaldo Miravalles, residing in Miami.

The filmmaker, who began his career very young, has received numerous awards for his documentaries and music videos for popular parts of the island groups like Los Van Van, Buena Fe, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, and Bamboleo, among others.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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