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Solidarity with Cuba in Canada, publication edited by Nino Pagliccia, activist friendship between the two countries, was at the XXIV International Book Fair, located in Havana.

The author commented that the work concerning the five decades of relations from people to people, collect the bonds of friendship that emerged after 1960 among citizens of both countries and will be made available to readers in Fortaleza San Carlos de La Cabaña.

He added that are consolidated in various manifestations ties, among which visits of groups and brigades of solidarity with Cuba.

Pagliccia referred to his initial idea, given the need to record the experiences of people who could bring his vision to the reality of a country that maintains their dignity and unwavering stance for over five decades of cruel economic, commercial and financial by the United States.

One chapter refers to the presence of Che Guevara Brigade, which annually for 23 years, visit to Cuba, where they perform volunteer work in agricultural plans, construction works, sanitation activities and maintain contact with workers, peasants, intellectuals and students.

He noted that for 12 years, as the main coordinator of the brigade, it was found the extraordinary importance of contact for citizens of both peoples, among whom a special sympathy and understanding of the value of friendship emerged.

He also referred to the reason that assists Cubans in their struggle for all these years of revolution for the defense of their conquests.

The text incorporates the experiences of Lisa Makarchua, a Canadian translator who worked on the Island, and talks about the initial links between the two peoples, by the chapter by Professor Keith Ellie, who wrote about the teachings of José Martí in the field solidarity and the example of Cuba with their help the brotherly people of Haiti.

Source: AIN

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