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CheapAir offers flights from the US to Cuba through its website

Travel web CheapAir has released his book flights to Cuba from the United States with the possibility of buying directly. For now, this company only offer packages flight with a stopover in Mexico, so it is necessary to take a second plane to get to the island, although recruitment is done in one package to benefit from one of 12 categories for the trips to the island. Read More

Roberto Baldoquin had problems with his visa

The Cuban shortstop Roberto Baldoquin had problems with his visa and could not travel from Dominican Republic to training camp of Angels in Arizona, where they waited on Wednesday. Read More

The Tiger of Malaysia, Sandokan, is visiting Cuba

Several decades after the character Sandokan became a favorite movie heroes of the Cuban public, its flagship artist, Indian Kabir Bedi, is visiting the island. Read More

Esterio Segura in Havana Factory

On February 6 large audience gathered at O'Reilly 308, between Habana and Aguiar, Habana Vieja; at 8 p.m. was inaugurated in the gallery Havana Factory the personal Expo of Esterio Segura: Tropical West. Read More

Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell visited Havana

The billionaire Paris Hilton is in Cuba, as is apparent from a photo taken in Old Havana on Thursday published on Instagram with a commentary by two words: "Cuba baby". Read More

Naomi Campbell apologizes for hitting a cameraman in Havana

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has apologized to NBC News after hitting a camera during a fit of rage outside the Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana Read More

More than 120,000 patients have been treated at the CIREN

Since its founding on February 26, 1989, the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) has treated 120,000 patients from 93 countries, including Cuba. Read More

Havana is preparing to celebrate the Grand Prix of Fencing

Competitors from over 20 countries, including Cuba, have already confirmed their attendance at the traditional Grand Prix Villa of Havana fencing, from March 13 to 15. Read More

Russia wants to build a new airport in Cuba

Russia is managing partner with the UAE to build a gigantic airport in Cuba. The airport would operate as an international platform for Latin America and eventually North America as well as global connection to the Special Economic Zone of Mariel. Read More

Remittances to Cuba will double this year

With diplomatic and economic liberalization initiated by President Barack Obama to Cuba the amount of remittances from the US could double from this year, expects a report by the analysis group Inter-American Dialogue on remittances in the continent. Read More