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Cuban VP Opens International Tourism Fair in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, May 4 (acn) Cuban Vice-President Esteban Lazo opened the 30 Cuba International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA 2010) at its venue of the Morro-Cabaña Historical Complex in Havana. Read More

Senate: U.S. broadcasts to Cuba failed

Radio and TV Marti, the U.S. government-sponsored broadcasts to Cuba, have failed to make an impact on the communist-led island and sometimes show a pro-Cuban bias in news reporting, a new Senate report said on Monday. Read More

Cuba visitors must have travel health insurance

HAVANA — Cuba has quietly begun requiring foreign tourists and Cubans who live overseas to hold travel insurance approved by island authorities, while making those who don't have coverage buy a local policy that can cost over $3 a day. Read More

Bats Rout Bisons 20-7 as Chapman Struggles

We finally got to see what all the fuss was about, and while young Aroldis Chapman still has some work to do, he is worth the $30 million dollar fuss the Cincinnati Reds have made over him. Read More

Of Compost, Molecules and Insects, Art Is Born

The word organic means different things to different people. To the gardener it means compost heaps. To the chemist it means carbon compounds. Read More

Cuban President Meets Spanish Communist Leader

Cuba's President Raul Castro, accompanied by the island's Communist Party Political Bureau member Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, met with Jose Luis Centella, general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party.<br /> Read More

Cuba Begins Phase II of Anti-Flu Vaccination

Cuba began this Monday the second stage of the vaccination against the A(H1N1) flue during which about 150,000 children will be immunized. Read More

House panel weighs bill lifting restrictions

Business and human rights groups urged Congress to ease the decades-old embargo on Cuba by passing a bipartisan bill to lift a ban on travel to the island and remove certain obstacles to legal farm sales. Read More

US Senate panel urges overhaul of broadcasts to Cuba

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US government-backed radio and television broadcasts into Cuba reach a tiny audience there and suffer from poor editorial standards, a US Senate Committee said in a scathing report released Monday. Read More

Cuba attracts Russian visitors with sun, nostalgia

HAVANA (AFP) – Cuba hopes to attract some 45,000 Russian tourists this year, officials said Monday, targeting nostalgia for the Caribbean island's long-running alliance with the former superpower.<br /> Read More