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Cuba begins on Monday the second stage of the vaccination against the A(H1N1) flue during which about 150,000 children will be immunized.

  The second phase of the viral vaccination campaign will last until next May 22.

Children from six months old to nine years of age who were immunized in the first phase and that are registered in day care centers and special education centers will now get a second dose.

Others to be benefitted are the ones considered at high risk because they suffer bronchial asthma, insulin-dependent diabetics and those with oncological, haematological and fibrocystic diseases.

Patients with cardiovascular malformations, transplants, kidney failure, HIV / AIDS and physical-motor disabilities will be part of that group, too. Otto Pelaez, chief of the Transmissible Diseases Department of the Ministry of Public Health, remembered that it is essential to keep the strict surveillance on vaccinated patients for an hour.

By Martin Hacthoun   

Source: PL

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