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March 30th

Restoration of paintings of Cuban governors from XVIII and XIX centuries

The portraits of 37 General Captains, who were the Cuban governors in 18th and 19th centuries, which are preserved at the archives Archivo General de Indias in Seville, were restored, according to a statement made by the Spanish Ministry. Read More

Everything ready for the National Casino Rounds Festival in Havana

Everything is ready for the beginning in the country next month of the First National Casino Rounds Festival, organized by Adalberto Álvarez, National Music Award and the main promoter of the project. Read More

Marketing techniques to promote Cuban Art

The main proposal of the book Gestión de Mercadotecnia en el arte (Marketing Management in art) is to promote the identity and the cultural values in the different manifestations of Cuban art through the proper use of marketing techniques. Read More

"Punto de encuentro", a tribute to the 10th Havana Biennial exhibition

The collective art project Punto de Encuentro, which is coordinated by the plastic artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho), is a tribute to the spirit of the 10th Havana Biennial exhibition in its 25 years. Read More

Successful Viva Cuba Round in France

After travelling 1,553 miles and meeting with more than 600 tourism operators and specialized reporters, the Viva Cuba Round had a successful ending in France.<br /> Read More

Cuba to Host Int'l Softball Tournament

The Cuban Softball Federation will organize the 1st Gran Caribe Softball Sports Games, scheduled from July 15-21, 2009, and to be attended by the best teams in the region. Read More

Cuban Health Authorities Fight Tuberculosis

Cuban health authorities have prioritized the fight against tuberculosis by implementing a program to prevent, detect and treat the disease. Read More

New Products by Los Portales S.A. in Cuba

The joint venture Los Portales S.A., which produces mineral water and soft drinks, has launched new products in the Cuban market.<br /> Read More

The Botanical Garden of Las Tunas, Cuba

One of the most interesting scientific institutions in this city is the Botanical Garden. Its director Raul Verdecia is not only an expert of the Cuban flora, but rather he is also member of a specialized group of the International Union for the Conservation of the Nature. <br /> Read More

Anti-Homophobia Campaign in Cuba

The awkward silence and ambivalent looks that followed the moderator’s invitation to participate in the debate on homophobia slowly gave way after a law student spoke. Perhaps without meaning to, student Barbara Garcia broke the ice.<br /> Read More