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Company ACINOX Las Tunas Wins Prize to the Cuban Exporter
ACINOX fulfilled its annual plan in 105 percent, with an increment of 37 percent with regard to the exported values in 2007. It also stood out for the diversification of its products, with remarkable commercializations of steel bars in three external markets, mainly in Dominican Republic.

The company also achieved high rates of profitability in the management of exportation while its productions are certified under the norms ISO 9000.

The Cuban website Optiones, points out that since April 1999, the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Cuba established the National Prize to the Exporter, and starting from that precedent, the Ministry of the Stainless Steels Industry decided to award every year its best exporter.

Last year the SIME achieved its highest value of exports, upward to 159.2 millions of convertible Cuban pesos, on the base of the participation of all the Independent Managerial Groups of that industry in exportable values and, especially of six organizations that reached record figures during the last 10 years.


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