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The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry will premiere one movie every month in 2009
Out of the five movies made in 2008, four competed in the Festival (Oferta, El cuerno de la abundancia, Kangamba and Los Dioses rotos), but could have been ten, five were left out for different reasons, he indicated.

Gonzalez considered, above everything else the success of Kangamba, a movie made by Rogelio París, about an event occurred during the Cuban internationalist military help in Angola (1975 – 1989).

Kangamba, was a great success, specially in the areas devastated by the three hurricanes, where the victims of those events saw the film as an example of resistance and will to win against the adversity, he said.

I’m satisfied and I’m not satisfied, we want more, ended Omar Gonzalez his interview with the reporter of


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