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Cuba Hosts National Parachute Championship.

The National Parachute Championship concluded in Cuba, where Natalia Baró was the winner among women and Irovis Acosta finished first among men. Read More

Copa Airlines Bets on Expansion and new planes

Copa Airlines, a branch of Copa Holdings, is betting on expansion after the inauguration of new routes and the acquisition of new planes. Read More

Septets: The Perfect Formula for Cuban Son

Septets are to son just like light is to trees. Septets have been, since the Habanero was founded in the twenties in the last century to today, the perfect formula for that special way son sounds. Read More

Casa Cuba Opened in Beijing

Cuba trusts the Chinese government and people and their capacity to host the Olympic Games<br /> The Cuban Embassy opened Casa Cuba to lodge its delegation to the Olympic Games in Beijing. Read More

Visited Cuba Victor Sheiman, a special envoy sent by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

Victor Sheiman, a special envoy sent by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, visited Cuba August 8-10, Granma newspaper reported Monday.<br /> Read More

Cuban singer Omara Portuondo one of the dearest voices in Cap Roig festival

The versatility and expressiveness of the voice is the most characteristic feature of this Cuban singer, who is loved worldwide and who is celebrating her 60 years dedicated to music, singing Son but also Jazz, Bossanova, Habaneras, Rumba and Boleros. Read More

Cuba Wins Olympic Volleyball and Boxing

Volleyball and boxing victories were part of Cuba&quot;s best performances on the third day of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Read More

Cinematographic coproduction will show Cuban cultural expressions

Cuban cultural expressions will be showed in a co-production with the Brazilian cinematography, directed to show the similarities of the cultures of both nations. Read More

Cuba for Georgia Withdrawal from S Ossetia

The Cuban government issued an official statement supporting a request for Georgian military forces to withdraw from the Autonomous Republic of South Ossetia, while reiterating its peaceful policy. Read More