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Cancun under Cuban-American and Russian Mafia Control

A business leader denounced the Cuban-American and Russian mafia control of the Caribbean tourist area of Cancun, in the state of Quintana Roo, in Southeast Mexico. Read More

The cuban women’s voluntary military service

Once again the Cuban women demonstrate their indisputable possibilities and loyalty to the Revolution, joining the Voluntary Military Service (SMVF) as part of the training for the defense of the Fatherland. Read More

In Mexico: A book with important speeches by Fidel

Cuba will always be a reference of dignity and Fidel Castro a leader according to his people and his Revolution, declared in this capital the famous Mexican analyst Gilberto López y Rivas. Read More

Cuba to Host Social Communications Meet

Experts from around the world will attend the 11th International Symposium on Social Communications early on 2009 in Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Two cuban coincident events commemorated on the same day: Teatro Estudio and the Escambray

When they become routine, commemorations lose efficacy, reduce to foreseeable formalities or to nostalgic old men´s meetings. Their true and productive utility manifests itself when reactivating the memory in terms of a fruitful second reading of the present. Read More

Cuba to achieve literary award in Spain

The Cuban writer Luis Caissés Sánchez (Holguín, 1950) has just achieved the Charo González Poetry Award announced by the Leon Department, in Spain, which promotes poetry creation for children. Read More

South Korea Defeats Cuba in Baseball

The South Koreans came from behind to erase Cuba’s lead of three runs and took the lead with 5 runs in the bottom of the fourth to keep the advantage for the rest of the game till their victory.<br /> Read More

Top Cubans Artists Pay Homage to Late Dominican Intellectual Juan Bosch

Two albums and a video with songs based on texts by renowned Dominican intellectual and politician Juan Bosch (1909 – 2001) were presented in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Read More

Cuba, Guest of Honor at Turkish International Tradeshow

Cuba will participate in the 77th Izmir International Fair in Turkey as a Guest of Honor, and will occupy an area of 100 square meters for the exhibition of its products. Read More

Cuban Duo to Semi-finals in the 500M C-2

Cuban C-2 crewed by Karel Aguilar, from Camagüey,and Serguey Torres, from Sancti Spíritus, qualified this Tuesday to semi-finals in the 500 meters event after finishing in the 7 position in their eliminatory heat. Read More