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Cuba for Georgia Withdrawal from South  Ossetia
Prensa Latina is posting below the full text of the Cuban Government's Official Declaration on the Situation in South Ossetia:

Cuba defends peace as an indispensable requisite for the development of all the nations of the world.

During over half a century our country has been a victim to aggressions from the US government forcing us to invest countless resources and energy. We have been firm and persistent in the defense of our country’s sovereignty and support the efforts of the United Nations and its struggle for peace.

A part of our territory has been occupied by force for over 100 years and Cuba has never nor will ever attempt to use violence to recover that part of its territory. Its foreign policy is known and recognized by the international community.

A crisis has emerged which worries other nations, originated from the news of combats that sparked in the Caucasus, on the border with southern Russia.

After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, South Ossetia, annexed by force by forces in Georgia, which never shared its nationality and culture, conserved its condition of autonomous republic with its local authorities and its capital Tskhinvali.

On the dawn of August 8th, Georgia in complicity with the US government launched its forces against South Ossetia attempting to occupy the capital, which was publicly announced the same day of the inauguration of the Beijing Olympic Games.

It is false that Georgia is defending national sovereignty. The Russian troops were legally in South Ossetia as a force destined to guarantee peace in the region as known by the international community; they did not commit any illegality.

The request of a withdrawal of the invaders is just and our government supports it.

Cuba, threatened by US forces, cannot, as a matter of principle, accept a ceasefire without the withdrawal of the invading forces. If we were attacked by foreign forces we would never allow such a ceasefire.

Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Havana, August 10, 2008


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