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June 26th

Exhibition Martí in visual arts, in Toluca, Mexico

The exhibition Martí in visual arts, that puts together reproductions of pieces that recreate the figure of the National Hero José Martí, organized by the Cuban Embassy with the collaboration of the Centro de Estudios Martianos from Havana, was inaugurated in the lobby of the Municipal Palace of Toluca, the venue of the chamber of deputies from the Mexican State.<br /> Read More

In Cuba New Film: The Broken Gods of the filmmaker Ernesto Daranas

<br /> Cuban filmmaker Ernesto Daranas will soon make his debut with a film called &quot;Los Dioses Rotos&quot; (The Broken Gods), a look to the life of renowned Cuban pimp Alberto Yarini, shot dead by his French rivals in Havana at the beginning of the 20th Century.<br /> Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba Extra size bats visible

The presence of the smallest and largest bats in the world characterizes the fauna of Pinar del Río province, with two of the six Biosphere Reserves of the country. Read More

In Cuba: 8th Ibero-American Gender and Communication Encounter

An international gender and communication encounter here this week sponsored by Cuban journalists and the national Women's Federation laid bare patriarchal hegemony and opened spaces for otherness. Read More

Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho) to hand in an engraving workshop to Art Instructor School from Matanzas

As a contribution to Fidel’s dream of taking culture to every corner of the world, the visual artist Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho) conceived the donation of an engraving workshop for the Art Instructor School from Matanzas René Fraga Moreno. Read More

A vaccine made by Cuban scientists extends the lives of lung cancer patients

A vaccine produced by Cuban scientists extends the lives of lung cancer patients has been approved for use by Cuban authorities and is available in the island's hospitals. Read More

June 25th

Over 40 films from 12countries in Caribbean Cinema Will Travel to 28 Countries

Over 40 films from 12countries will travel from October to 28 countries with the Second Travelling Exhibit of Caribbean Cinema, the organizing committee reported Prensa Latina. Read More

Cuba again disqualified the US report before the World Trade Organization

Cuba again disqualified the US report before the World Trade Organization (WTO), because it repeats Washington's &quot;lack of political will&quot; and disrespect for legal obligations. Read More

In Havana to Begin Exploration of Oil Strip

<br /> The Cuban capital Havana may become Cuba’s third largest oil producing territory, after Matanzas and La Habana provinces, said experts of Cuba Petroleo Company (Cupet). Read More

In Varadero: Organized by the pianist Jesús "Chucho" Valdés the second edition of the Jam Session

For this purpose, the cultural authorities in Matanzas province, opened in this resort, about 140 kilometres east from Havana, the Club del Jazz that will be the main venue of the II Jam Session. Read More