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Cuba Rejects US Report on Human Trafficking
In a statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) published on Monday by Granma news daily, Cuba says the report ignores and distorts reality in the Caribbean nation.

The document points out that, for the fourth consecutive year, the US Government listed Cuba as one of the countries that does not do enough to combat an alleged domestic human trafficking of children and women for the sex trade.

The report by the US State Department describes Cuba as a sexual tourism destination and makes other serious and completely unfounded accusations. It also makes several recommendations to the Cuban government on how it should deal with this issue.

“The report aims at denigrating the social work and prestige of the Cuban Revolution and, in particular, its work in favor of women and children, which has been amply recognized by the international community,” the MINREX note stresses.

“It also aims at undermining the healthy and increasing development of our tourism industry, which is completely denied access to the US market,” the statement adds.

The declaration notes that the US Government, and particularly the administration of George W. Bush, lacks the necessary morality and credibility to accuse Cuba and to make any cynical recommendations.

“Cuba does not see any value in the State Department’s report,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement says. “The government of the United States has a lot to do in its own country to combat the rampant phenomenon there of prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor and the trafficking of people.”

“The government of the United States has a lot to learn about Cuba and is not in a position to judge anyone,” the statement concludes.


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